The Beginning

Every day, 97 things happen that I am sure someone would get a good laugh at. I may or may not be laughing at them. I had three adorable, manageable kids, then I had Brock, who is now the cutest, most loving 3 year old in the world, at select moments. Brock has a little brother named Blake, in the BTP, (Brockstar Training Program). I am 34 years old, have been married for 13 years, have 5 kids and sing now and then. I like to create, NOT COOK or CLEAN, which is turning out to be a great challenge since I am in charge of a house with 7 PEOPLE! I do love the people, though. Here for you all to laugh at me and with me, is a record of my funny life, the mistakes I make, and the lessons I learn while trying to earn, MY BIG GIRL PANTS.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In my entryway, I have a quote from Abraham Lincoln, "I remember my mother's prayers and they have followed me. They have clung to me all my life." I don't think there is any kind prayer the Father hears that is more powerful than a faithful mother's prayers.

That being said, I have really struggled with the whole consistency thing with family prayer.  3 weeks on, 2 months off. One week on, 3 years off. I think a lot of people are like that, but not as bad. We just keep trying, though. We have prayer and scriptures at night before everyone goes to bed. Somedays, we are so tired by that point, it feels like we can't walk or talk anymore, my DH and I just spin in circles on the stained carpet slobbering and yelling. So I had to come up with an alternate prayer-plan. (PS, I am not getting the kids up at 6:30 to read before everyone leaves for the day. At this point,  I am way too lazy and if you think I would ever wake B&B up on purpose, you are crazy...... however, this is subject to change upon desperation.)

So this is the answer for me: Before each lovely leaves for school in the morning, we have a quick little Mom-Prayer at the door with their backpack on.  It is something that has magically been really easy for me to be consistent with. They have to go to school and they have to go out the front door, so my variables are always the same! The thing I love about it is the personal nature of these prayers. They get to hear what I pray for them individually, and they get to see how important they are individually.

This is the time when I pray that they will remember the spelling words we have worked on. I pray that they will have the courage to stand up for what is right. I pray that they will remember to treat someone sitting alone like Jesus would. I ask that they will know what to do if someone is bullying them or someone else. I pray that they will understand what their teacher teaches them in math, and everyday, I pray that the Holy Ghost will let them know if they are in danger, and that He will tell them what to do. I pray that they will remember all day that I love them and believe in them, then I tell Heavenly Father how grateful I am that I was given that child.

There are many mornings, when any combination of those prayers and others, are asked in 20 seconds or less so we don't miss the bus, but they are said. (In full disclosure, there are a few days days when I yell at them to say their prayers ON the bus.) But usually, we pray in the quiet of the morning at the front door with our backpacks and coats on, just before my good-bye kiss.

I wanted to share this with the few of you who will read this, because it has been an answer to my Other-Prayers. I asked the Father to help me find a way to pray with my kids that works with my craziness and willful opposition to routine.  Maybe it will work for you too.

BTW, you don't have to be perfect to get revelation and protection from Heavenly Father for your kids. I think you just have to have a Mom-Heart when you ask. As Abraham Lincoln said, Mom-Prayers prayers DO follow our children. They protect them, give them clarity, and build their faith.

Have the best week and don't give up prayer-trying! Anything is better than nothing!


  1. I Love this illustration of your Mom-Heart, Loni! Let THEM say a prayer for you every now and then. You'll hear things like "Help Mom have a fun day!" or a description of what they think you do while they're at school. Always good for a smile.

  2. Loni!! Oh my gosh. I hadn't looked at your blog since probably Christmas and I was just checking in and saw your posts about Thyroid cancer!!! Holy cow! I'm not sure if you ever knew or remembered but I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while I was Miss Utah Teen USA, while at BYU. It came back positive for cancer. I had my surgery right after staying in SF with Barbara for my week of training . I went to nationals about 2 months after surgery. Anyway, mine had metastasized into my parathyroid, so they took out 3 of 4 and was in 9 of the 12 lympnodes they took out. Mine was wrapped around my vocal cords too. Anyway, I've been a survivor now for over 10 years. Had 3 babies too. Life is definitely more interesting. It's not fun to have to deal with this forever but the experience has given me a gift I'll always be grateful for, and that's perspective. I have felt grateful for everyday I've gotten to be alive since. I hug my kids tight everyday and tell them everyday how much I love them. Sometimes I feel like it's all good, but unless you've had this you don't understand there are always moments of fear and doubt about it coming back somewhere else. Anyway, I wanted you to know you are not alone! I think it's crazy we've had such similar experiences, especially 14 years apart. Weird. anyway, if you ever want to chat or have questions, I'd love to chat. My email is I actually got my masters in Nonprofits and worked for the American Cancer Society for 5 year before quitting when I had kids and stayed active as a National Volunteer. So, I'm happy to answer questions or help in anyway I can. I've always admired you and looked up to you! If it weren't for you, I would have never done my first pageant, and I probably wouldn't have won that first one if you hadn't been so nice and taught me a few things back stage :-) with love,
    Trina Seymour Jonas

    Here's my blog: